Gerry and Iggy, two labourers from Belfast face the end of their lives in a London hostel talking of the present and thinking of the past. They argue about who has the biggest liver, the names of tube stations and whether they should go back to Belfast or not.

But where are the women in their lives?

The Absence of Women is a funny and poignant play about the journey of two ordinary and lonely Belfast men. It’s a tale of life and its endless possibilities, missed opportunities and how one man’s choice, in one instant, can alter the path of his life forever.

The Absence of Women was first performed at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast, on 8th February 2010.

Directed by Rachel O’Riordan

Cast includes

Gerry - Karl Johnson

Iggy - Ian McElhinney

Dotty - Alice O’Connell

John - Conor McNeill

Artistic Director - Richard Croxford

Lighting Designer - James Whiteside

Set & Costume Design - Stuart Marshall

Vocal Coach - Peter Ballance

A fine example of theatre at its small-scale best...
— Evening Standard