At 11.40pm on 14 April 1912, the RMS Titanic, on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, struck an iceberg. At 2.20am the following morning, the ship sank. 1,517 people died.

In response to the disaster the British Government ordered an immediate inquiry and Lord Mersey was appointed commissioner. The British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry sat from 2 May to 3 July 1912. It took testimony from 97 witnesses.

Owen McCafferty's Titanic retells the survivors' stories, using dialogue taken word-for-word from the hundred-year-old accounts. 

Titanic ( Scenes from the British Wreck Commissioner’s Inquiry, 1912 ) was first performed at the MAC, Belfast, on 22nd April 2012. 

DIRECTED BY Charlotte Westenra


Clerk of the Court - Ian McElhinney

Lord Mersey - Paul Moriarty

Sir Rufus Isaacs - Michael Hadley

Sir John Simon - Ben Caplan

Thomas Scanlon MP - Caolan Byrne

Mr W D Harbinson - Rufus Wright

Reginald Lee - Timothy Chipping

Charles Joughlin - Kevin Trainor

John Hart - Jack Beale

George Symons - Thomas Howes

Sir Cosmo Duff Gordan - Jay Villiers

Lady Duff Gordan - Andrea Irvine

Charles Lightoller - James Tucker

Joseph Ismay - Patrick O’Kane

Sir Ernest Shackleton - James Hillier


Set & Costume Design - Richard Kent

Lighting Design - Conleth White

Sound Design - James Kennedy

Casting Director -  Georgia Simpson

Vocal Coach - Peter Ballance

It is a sign of Owen McCafferty’s stature as a playwright that he can step away so effectively from his usual muscular, Belfast vernacular-driven narrative style to assume here a quasi-curatorial role, sifting through almost 100 witness statements
— Irish Theatre Magazine