City life in one of the most troubled cities in the world.  Twenty one characters’ lives are interwoven to produce a slice of life in Belfast; another day in a city full of stories that are crying out to be told.  The stories of fighting siblings, cheating husbands and resistance in the face of adversity could originate from any inner city the difference here is that a backdrop of violence is never far away

 Scenes from the Big Picture was first performed at the Cottesloe Theatre of the National Theatre, London, on 10th April 2003.

The play also received its Irish Premiere at the Waterfront Hall Studio, Belfast in 2007. Presented by Primecut Productions and directed by Conall Morrison.



Bop Torbett  - Darren Healy

Maggie Lyttle - Elaine Cassidy

Maeve Hynes - Aoife McMahon

Joe Hynes - Patrick O’Kane

Sammy Lennon - John Normington

Connie Dean - Kathy Kiera Clarke

Betty Lennon - June Watson

Theresa Black - Frances Tumelty

Dave Black - Dermot Crowley

Frank Coin - Harry Towb

Robbie Mullan - Chris Corrigan

Shanks O’Neill - Karl Johnson

Bobbie Torbett - Ron Donachie

Sharon Lawther - Eileen Pollack

Helen Woods - Michelle Fairley

Paul Foggarty - Ruairi Conaghan

Cooper Jones  - Gerard Jordan

Swiz Murdoch  - Packy Lee

Harry Foggarty - Stuart McQuarrie

Spilo Johnston - Breffni McKenna

Rat Joyce - Andy Moore


Set Design - Alison Chitty

Lighting Design - Hartley T A Kemp

Sound Design - Terry Davies and Rich Walsh

McCafferty’s ability to show not just the way individual lives intersect, but the collision of private and public worlds, is striking.
— The Guardian