Both Antigone's brothers lie dead, having killed each other in single combat, one attacking Thebes, the other defending the city. Creon, ruler of Thebes, has forbidden the burial of Polyneices, because he was the attacker. Antigone is determined to bury him. The resulting conflict ends in a bloodbath of suicides.

Antigone was first performed in the Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen’s on 24th October 2008 by Prime Cut Productions.

DIRECTED BY Owen McCafferty



Old Man - Walter McMonagle

Antigone - Katy Ducker

Ismene - Rosie McClelland

Creon - Ian McElhinney

Guard - Conor MacNeill

Haemon - Paul Mallon

Tiresias - Harry Towb

Young Boy - Eoin McCafferty

                  - Tom Loane

Messenger - Chris Corrigan

Eurydice - Julia Dearden

Soldiers    - Cat Barter

                 - Barry Etherson

                 - Matt Faris


Set Design - Lorna Ritchie

Lighting Design - Ciaran Bagnall

Sound Design - Kevin McCullagh

muscular, tender, pragmatic
— The Irish Times