Vera, feisty but fading, and Ronnie, washed up and permanently half-drunk, preside over a grubby pub/hotel in present-day Belfast. We watch them - and their variously inadequate 'regulars' - through one long day in which Ronnie fails to secure the pub's financial future and Vera looks set to run off with the feckless Iggy.

Closing Time was chosen as one of the plays to open the National Theatre's new Loft season, a new studio space carved out of the Lyttelton foyer. It also represented Owen McCafferty's London debut.

Closing Time was first performed at the National Theatre, London, on 9th September 2002.

Directed by james kerr

Cast includes

Vera - Pam Ferris

Iggy - Patrick O’Kane

Robbie - Jim Norton

Joe - Lalor Roddy

Alec Kieran Ahern

Set Design - Rae Smith

Sound Design - Rich Walsh

Lighting Designer - Steve Barnett

Costume Design - Sharon Robinson


It may be closing time in the province itself, but the existence of a writer as good as McCafferty induces a perverse, paradoxical hope.
— The Guardian