No Place Like Home 

“Mob rule on the streets. They say you can’t live in this area. It’s not for your ‘kind’ anymore. The authorities are powerless to intervene. Should you stay or go? You only have a matter of minutes to decide. Your family is asleep. What do you do next?” No Place Like Home is about the displaced – people who have been forced to move, who don’t know where they are going or what they’ll find when they arrive. In the early 1970s, huge numbers of people were forced out of their houses in Northern Ireland. All over the world, people are being forced to leave their homes and their land.

No Place Like Home was a devised drama created by some of Ireland’s leading theatre practitioners. Movement and drama mix with video and installation art to create a visually rich, grotesque and entertaining performance piece.

No Place Like Home was first performed at the former Northern Bank Building, Belfast on 27th October 2001 by Tinderbox Theatre Company



Steve Blount

Liz Keller

Andy Moore

Christina Nelson

Tara Lynne O’Neill


Set Design - Marcus Costello

Composer - Connor Mitchell

Lighting Designer - John Riddel

Choreographer - Sandy Cuthbert


Courtroom No. 1 - Convictions

In a radical new site-specific work Tinderbox presented seven new dramas by some of Northern Ireland’s leading playwrights. Audiences were taken on a journey through the courthouse, visiting the locations of many past dramas – The Civil Court, the Jury Room, the holding cells, toilets, Judges Room, the Criminal Court and the main hallway. Each writer had been asked to explore the themes of justice and the act of passing judgement.

Convictions – Courtroom No. 1 was first performed at Crumlin Road Courthouse on 30th October 2000.





Administrator   Stella McCusker

Victim               Lalor Roddy

Lighting Design - James McFetridge

a unique piece of theatre
— The Independent


He works in a burger bar; she is in a dead-end university course. They want some excitement, an adventure. They steal a car. The horrors they imagine could never match the horrors they encounter in real life. They foul-mouth their way through a Belfast version of a film noir, crossing the frontiers of gutter idiom and travelling the roads of timeless Irish drama, with echoes of Bonnie and Clyde and Natural Born Killers. Produced by David Grant and Paul Boyd.

Freefalling was first performed at the Ardowen Theatre, Enniskillen, on 2nd February 1996.



HER - Anne Bird

HIM - Miceal Murphy


Director   Karl Wallace

Set Design   Alison K Butler

Lighting Design   Susan P

Music   Michael O’Suillehbhaih

Musicians   Scott Herrin, Leslie Herrin

The Private Picture Show

Iggy is a writer whose search for the truth has left him isolated and blocked. The other tenants of the rented house where he lives reveal pieces of themselves which Iggy hopes to add to the jigsaw of his story. Meanwhile, his estranged girlfriend, a photographer, returns to record her own version of the truth in a series of posed images.

The Private Picture Show was first performed at the Lyric Players Theatre, Belfast, on 22nd November 1994.

 DIRECTED BY robin midgley



Iggy   Peter O’Meara

Lizzy  Barbara Adair

Beanpole   Niall Cusack

Jimmy   Birdy Sweeney

Linda   Paula McFetridge

Eileen   Helen Trew


Designer Stuart Marshall

Lighting Designer Wallace McDowell

Costumes Anne Whittaker

Movement Director Denni Sayers


The Waiting List

 The dystopian nature of Belfast at that time is revealed in the reflections of a man who is waiting to find out if his name is on a paramilitary hit list.

The Waiting List was first performed at the OMAC, Belfast, on 18th April 1994

 DIRECTED BY david grant


Performer - Lalor Roddy

I Won’t Dance Don’t Ask Me

An insomniac middle-aged man attempts to come to terms with unemployment.

I Won’t Dance Don’t Ask Me was first performed at the Ulster Arts Club, Belfast, on 15th November 1993.

DIRECTED BY sean caffrey


Gus - Sean Caffrey

Winners Losers and Non-Runners

Winners Losers and Non-Runners was first performed at the OMAC, Belfast, in 1992.